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R & D


Sinochem Jiangsu's R&D Center is located in Zhongshan Science Incubator Park inside Nanjing College of Chemical Technology. At present, R&D Center's research group is composed of experts, technical personnel with doctoral or master degrees or those who once studied abroad, professional chemical and instrument analyst and licensed pharmacist. The Center is well equipped with advanced experiment instruments such as NMR, HPLC, GC, MS, reactors and so on.

R&D Center has set its objective as accelerating Sinochem Jiangsu’s strategic transformation and serving for our core exporting business, and it is oriented to meet requirements of customers and markets. With advantages in talents and information, R&D Center has got fruitful results in customer synthesis and new product development. Meanwhile, it continuously enhances the communications with many renowned chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, R&D Center reinforces the cooperation with some famous universities and research institutions in and out of China in order to share the technology resources.

Now, R&D Center is mainly engaged in the development of pharmaceuticals, technical and agrochemical intermediates, and also exploits the high value-added fine chemicals. Besides the common organic synthesis, the Center can also carry on some special reaction, such as moisture-and-oxygen free, high pressure, high vacuum, low temperature, and unstable compound. The Center can carry on chemical synthesis from gram level to kg lot, and with perfect experiment condition and experiment equipment, we also can do the experiment and pilot production for new product. The Center has succeeded in assisting factories to complete the commercial production of several products.

As the strategic fulcrum of our business, with the research and development support and effective communication with the customers, R&D Center has become the bridge between Sinochem Jiangsu and our clients.