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Training & Development

Sinochem Jiangsu offers wide-ranged opportunities for highly motivated employees with a good team spirit who are preparing to be flexible and mobile. We also look for business acumen and a willingness to assume responsibility. In return, we offer our employees challenging assignments, increasing responsibility and scope to shape their own work. As learning is a lifelong process, the benefits of working for Sinochem Jiangsu include extensive continuing education and training opportunities to encourage individual development.
Good vocational training gets you off to a good start
  The most important thing in continuing education and training is that it enhances our personal development as well as our professional skills. Sinochem Jiangsu promotes education and training because of professional and personal development improves performance and motivation. Our aim is to provide systematic training and continuing education opportunities geared to the needs of our employees. Most seminars and workshops are aimed at specific target groups. That is the best way of meeting the needs of the company and its employees as it takes account of different skills and requirements.
澳门金沙总站手机版 E-learning
   E-learning is becoming an increasingly important supplement to traditional daytime courses and evening classes. Self-study options such as CBT, WBT and other E-learning systems are useful alternative to attending seminars and workshops. Seminars include general information for graduates, specialist training courses, for example in corporate culture, professional knowledge and skills, and employee competencies, etc.
Multi-channel career development
   Sinochem Jiangsu helps you map your career and move ahead. You'll have ongoing opportunities to learn from mentors and peers for dynamic career growth. You'll be amazed at the fluidity with which you can move from challenge to challenge, within a specific business or across businesses. Sinochem Jiangsu is proud of its annual performance and career review process. You'll meet with your manager for feedback on your performance. Through coaching and planning, your manager will help you shape an action plan to achieve your short-term and long-term career goals.
Sinochem Jiangsu designs a range of professional development tracks for its staff. These tracks include but are not limited to management/administration, financing, R&B, trading and sales.